Revolution Healthcare Services has access to the largest pool of qualified Locum Tenens physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs), and can deliver immediate support for both long and short-term gaps in your critical staffing —all on your schedule.

We handle all aspects of the Locum Tenens staffing process, including sourcing, screening, credentialing, licensing and onboarding. We will work diligently to assist you and your facility with staffing coverage for hard-to-fill specialties and emergency schedule gaps.

Our experienced Locum Tenens professionals are trained in collaborating with you, identifying specific requirements for each and every assignment, then matching best available providers that align with your expectations and needs.

Our Clients range from small to large hospitals and health systems, local and national physician groups, free standing facilities, practice management companies, outpatient and surgery centers across the country.

Why Hire Locum Tenens Providers

Revolution Healthcare Services recognizes that managing the balance of a variable facility census critically impacts the bottom line. Choosing the right Locum Tenens organization to partner with can make all the difference!

Utilizing Locum Tenens providers to fill critical vacancies and specialty positions during both planned and unplanned gaps in coverage is the smart way to keep your facility prepared for any situation. After all, sustaining the highest level of patient care while protecting revenue growth, should always be the top priority.

Revolution Healthcare Services’ part time and full time Locum Tenens providers can fill your facility’s needs for any position and can be available on short notice for periods ranging from only a few days to six months or even longer.

Quality Assurance

Revolution Healthcare Services adheres to the highest standards of quality assurance guaranteeing operational efficiencies when matching providers with facility specific requirements. Our dedicated team of QA experts thoroughly review each providers’ work history, credentials, background and licensing prior to submitting for any assignment.

Our team is always looking to strengthen our partnerships! This means we will make ourselves available to assist your Medical Staff Office team in any way permitted. This can include pre-populating paperwork, sending verification, affiliation and reference requests and then following up until they are returned to your facility. We will continue to collaborate closely with your team until each file is completed, approved and privileges have been granted.